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Another act who has embraced given his music away for free. Old sample well worked

Clams Casino.  This version is without the rap from Lil B.  If you like this you can download the mixtape here


Not a spoof its a real advert.

Only just heard of these.  Produced by the Black keys Drummer Patrick Carney.

Caught Tribes at the Mercury Lounge last week.  Very impressed by there energy and the lead singer has a powerful voice.  We were Children was the standout song for me.  Not worked out why audiences in New York love a long and loud conversation when they go to see a gig.  Maybe someone can enlighten me

Went to see Tinker Tailor on Sunday.  Limited release in the US at the moment.  Vivid recreation of 70’s Britain that was pitch perfect.  Gary Oldman gave a sparse but compelling performance.  Showed to me, once more, what a great actor Mark Strong is.

Jamie Woon

Saw him last night at the Mercury Lounge.  He has a great voice but I am not sure what he is going for.  The crowd seemed to enjoy it but they were the quietest crowd I have ever been part of.  Again not sure if he was unnerved by this or enjoyed the silence, as Dave Gahan would say.

Love Hip Hop but it all seems a little stale and then something like this comes along.  Been around a while but still sounds fresh and totally original.

 Beautifully shot piece of utter utter pointlessness. 

Reminds me a little of The Killers All these things that i’ve done.  Which is no bad thing

The Guard.  Criminally ignored,  its a great film. Brendan Gleeson produces a wonderful performance, plus no English accent from Don Cheadle who it must be said is also very good.

New York I Love You

But your Yellow cab drivers are bringing me down

A decade since George passed away